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About us

Yifan biotech is an R & D and trade organization with organic synthesis technology as the main body. Fanhuacheng is subordinate to Changzhou South China Chemical Co., Ltd. and has long been committed to providing excellent high-quality chemicals. Its products cover new materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and biochemical reagents, especially the customization and production of heterocyclic derivatives such as benzene ring, pyridine and pyrazine.
We do well in Friedel–Crafts, Diazon, Nitratio, Fluorination, Condensation, Hydration, and Green oxidation reaction. Except possessing strong developing capabilities for new products, we also have experienced in large scale. Moreover, we can provide our clients with first-class products of different quantities ranging from grams to kilograms and up to multi-tons in short time.
Drawing on years of experience, we have gained the trust and long-term relationship from many global pharmaceutical companies. As a customer-oriented organization, we firmly believe that our integrity, reliability, responsiveness and professionalism will offer every customer satisfactory solutions.

Research: The nanjing R & D

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