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AfatinibIndustry trends

The golden age of pharmaceutical industry is coming, and the development opportunity?

At present, the second batch of national drug centralized procurement catalogue has been gradually implemented nationwide. With the promotion of new medical insurance negotiation and other policies, pharmaceutical enterprises are forced to transform to the direction of innovation. At the same time, the innovative drug market has also released a strong potential. According to the analysis report on market prospect and investment strategic planning of China's pharmaceutical industry recently released by the prospective industry research institute, the sales volume of innovative drugs in China is expected to exceed 700 billion yuan by 2029.  
Some people in the industry said that with the continuous growth of innovative products and the dual promotion of original research products, a large number of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises have become an important driving force for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. "The next decade will be a golden age for the development of China's pharmaceutical industry."  
As a matter of fact, policies are also injecting impetus into the development of pharmaceutical enterprises. For example, the key tasks in 2020 mentioned: increase investment in research and development of vaccines, drugs and rapid detection technologies, increase medical facilities for epidemic prevention and treatment, and strengthen grassroots health and epidemic prevention. These are good information for pharmaceutical enterprises. In this context, as the upstream of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical equipment industry will also get good development opportunities, but also will face new challenges.  
With the golden age of pharmaceutical industry coming, how can upstream embrace development opportunities? (source: pharmaceutical network)  
Speeding up the research and development of pharmaceutical equipment has become an important topic  
At present, China's pharmaceutical industry is fully entering the "pharmaceutical industry 4.0 era", accelerating the promotion of pharmaceutical technology and pharmaceutical equipment research and development has become an important topic.  
Taking traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment as an example, since 2020, the Chinese medicine industry has developed rapidly. However, in the process of processing and production of traditional Chinese medicine products, the traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment obviously exposed obvious shortcomings, which could not meet the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises to improve production capacity and market demand. The advantages of automatic and intelligent traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment, such as automatic extraction and concentration equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, automatic decocting machine and automatic washing machine, played an important role.  
With the promotion of "healthy China 2020" strategy, the aging population and the expansion of medical demand, accelerating the research level of traditional Chinese medicine preparation equipment and assisting the rapid automation, digitization and intelligent upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine preparation equipment will be the development direction of traditional Chinese medicine preparation equipment industry, and also an important thrust for the high-quality development of Chinese medicine industry.  
Experts pointed out that in combination with the pharmaceutical industry policy and the overall direction of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical equipment industry needs to transform and upgrade in the direction of automation, intelligence, flexibility and environmental protection, so as to help pharmaceutical enterprises improve production efficiency, save energy consumption, reduce production costs, and conform to the direction of sustainable development.  
The short board of talents needs to be filled up  
The innovation and development of pharmaceutical equipment industry is inseparable from the increase of talents. However, at present, the pharmaceutical equipment industry is short of high-quality compound talents with mechanical and electrical, pharmaceutical and management, and pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are often faced with problems such as "unable to recruit, unable to find and retain". Therefore, it is an urgent task for the industry and even enterprises to make up for the shortage of talents and strengthen the reserve of talents.  
In this regard, industry insiders suggest that school enterprise cooperation should be encouraged to realize the integrated development of industry, University and Research Institute, and make full use of the talents, R & D and technological advantages of universities and scientific research institutes, as well as the platform and market advantages of enterprises, so as to actively promote the close cooperation between R & D and production and sales.  
The strategic cooperation between school and enterprise is also the choice for pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to enhance the strength of talent team. For example, an enterprise has started a craftsman training center. Through self recruitment or school recruitment of students and inexperienced social talents, the company will give a training plan to cultivate them into the reserve force of the company in 3-5 years.  
It is reported that, while improving the training mechanism, the enterprise has also set up cadre training courses for professionals, with an annual investment of one million yuan. At the same time, in order to facilitate the collection of technical personnel, the company has set up a technical company in Guangzhou. In order to gather talents in mechanical design, a company focusing on mechanical design has been set up in Changsha. Through multiple measures to promote, for the company's talent team to add strength.  
Compared with foreign pharmaceutical equipment industry, many domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises still face management problems. In the view of the industry, domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to constantly optimize the management and operation system, improve the management level, and establish a reasonable human resource management mode to attract and retain the talents needed by the enterprise development.  
Pharmaceutical equipment can be said to be the "heart" of pharmaceutical production. In the golden age of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical equipment industry also needs to keep pace with the times, actively understand the new needs and requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises, break the traditional bottleneck, and help the pharmaceutical industry to achieve higher quality and more stable development in continuous innovation and upgrading.