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Patent medicine enterprises to build business "moat" in the future

Pharmaceutical products can be divided into innovative drugs or generic drugs. In short, both of them have clinical therapeutic effects. However, generic drugs are generally based on the ingredients of existing marketed drugs, while innovative drugs contain new chemical or biological components. Compared with generic drugs, innovative drugs are considered to have better efficacy and / or safety, and enjoy market monopoly rights and higher pricing rights. In recent years, innovative drugs have attracted the attention of the industry. With the domestic innovation entering the harvest period, the achievements are gradually emerging, and the speed of the harvest of innovative drugs is gradually accelerating.
In recent years, with the implementation of the new policy of medical insurance, under the impact of "purchase with quantity", the original sales mode of generic pharmaceutical enterprises with "high price, high cost and high gross profit" is facing new challenges. The industry generally believes that the expansion of new incremental varieties including innovative drugs has become an important direction for pharmaceutical enterprises to build business "moat" in the future.
Some people in the industry said that the competition of pharmaceutical enterprises is the competition of R & D ability, which determines the core competitiveness and sustainable development ability of pharmaceutical enterprises. Whether pharmaceutical enterprises can occupy a favorable position in the pharmaceutical market mainly depends on the establishment of an efficient R & D system and the ability of continuous innovation. Recently, a number of pharmaceutical companies said that they were accelerating the research and development progress of innovative drugs, and compared with before, the harvest speed of innovative drugs was also gradually accelerating.
Taking Yuandong biological as an example, the company has established a complete R & D system from the aspects of R & D organizational structure, R & D instruments and equipment, R & D technology platform, R & D management and control system, external cooperation R & D mechanism, technical personnel training and incentive mechanism based on high-end chemical drugs for many years. Up to now, Yuandong biological has successfully realized the industrialization of 20 chemical drug preparation products and 14 chemical raw material drug products, covering anesthesia and analgesia, cardiovascular, anti-tumor, digestion, children's drug use and other key fields.
It is understood that Yuandong bio is also rich in research products. According to the public data, there are 46 products under development, including 7 class 1 new drugs (including 2 class 1 new drugs in the clinical trial stage and 2 class 1 biological drugs), 2 class 2 new drugs in the clinical trial stage, and high-end chemical drugs such as clopidogrel bisulfate tablets and ibuprofen tromethamine injection are included in the priority review.
The current layout of the R & D pipeline of Xiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. includes nearly 50 new drug products under research and development at different development stages, including small molecule drugs, macromolecular drugs and car T-cell therapy. Among them, more than 10 new drug products under research and development are in clinical stage, have submitted new drug applications or have been approved. In addition to the above products under research, there are more than 30 innovative drug products in preclinical research stage in three major fields.
In addition, in the field of generic drugs, which still has huge market demand, Xiansheng pharmaceutical mainly develops products with unmet clinical demand, large market demand and high technical barriers, takes "high barrier generic drug" and "first generic drug" as the main development direction, takes three major disease fields as the main development direction, and takes into account other disease fields, and arranges a series of product combinations. In the next few years, the company expects to have 18 major generic drugs declared or approved for listing.
With the policy support for a pharmaceutical enterprise to increase R & D investment, recently, some blockbuster innovative drugs have been closely "approved". For example, Sansheng pharmaceutical anti HER2 monoclonal antibody was approved for marketing to treat metastatic breast cancer with HER2 overexpression; Xinda biological "bevacizumab biological analog drug" was approved to be listed, becoming a domestic bevacizumab biological analog drug; the third and fourth indications of Hengrui pharmaceutical injection of carrizumab were added: the former is combined with pemetrexed and carboplatin, which is suitable for epidermal growth The first-line treatment for unresectable locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with EGFR gene mutation negative and anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) negative; the latter is used for the treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma with disease progression or intolerance after previous first-line chemotherapy.
In addition, from the perspective of innovative drug development subjects, China's emerging innovative drug companies are constantly emerging and growing rapidly. The product pipeline layout around the diversification strategy makes China's innovative drug research and development appear a hundred schools of thought contending situation. And now, not only domestic innovative drugs have been paid attention to, but also the capital market is concerned about the promotion of investment in the field of medicine and biology. The frequency of listing and financing of pharmaceutical enterprises has been significantly accelerated. According to the industry, domestic R & D investment has gradually entered the harvest period, and the industry is expected to continue to maintain a high landscape, while maintaining the strength of the successor is also surging.